Aardklop National Art Festival 2 – 7 October 2018


2018 Aardklop 2 – 7 October 2018

This is my first time exhibiting at Aardklop Festival taking place in Potchefstroom. It lasts for a whole week and both Geoffrey and I will be there in attendance. We are both super excited and hope to see as many of our local supporters as possible. I have heard that there is a large variation of visitors and I have therefore been busy painting a cross section of all the subjects that I usually paint.

The 2017 Uplands art festival


I have planned some very creative pieces and painting up a storm for this year’s exhibition. There is a varied selection of new art pieces that will be on display. As always, I am looking forward to this exhibition which opens on the Friday evening of 26 May, the whole Saturday/night of 27 May and for the morning of Sunday 28th of May.
If you would like an invitation to the opening on 26 May please let me know and I will arrange, otherwise we hope to see you there on Saturday or Sunday!