About Me

My passion for art stems from an early age of 7 years old. Throughout my school years, I regularly won the art awards at my school, held each year.Later I attended classes at Saxonworld, Johannesburg and obtained a 3 year Diploma with Paris School of Art.

I am the 4th generation artist in our family, but the first to turn my hobby into a profession.

I am very versatile in the medium I use as well as in the selection of subject matter. My favorite medium being Indian Ink, which is not widely practiced in SA.

This technique affords me the ability to paint & produce very fine works of art. Oils offer me more freedom of expression while Pastels affords a balance of precision and colour.

Apart from the strong local support, my work has traveled beyond the SA borders to adorn the walls in homes and offices in countries such as Mozambique, Netherlands Norway, Germany, Swaziland, Australia, India, United Kingdom and United States of America.

All my works are priced according to criteria, time taken, media used, whether the art piece is framed or unframed, and finally appeal. Please therefore contact me for a quotation on a new piece, or if you like one in the gallery section. We can freight to most countries around the world.


Vanessa Lomas South African Artist

Commission Work Welcome

Freight to most countries around the world

More about Vanessa's Art...

I am inspired by the natural beauty of our world.  Travelling is my second love and my hubby and I often travel the length and breathe of this country…….taking the back roads rather than the well-travelled highways.

Our planet’s natural resources are dwindling and the human demand for space is putting pressure on our natural resources and reserves.  Through my paintings I am immortalising some of the natural magic that exist on our doorstep. 

Some of my works are depicted with a blank background giving the viewer a feel for the vast open spaces that is still left in Africa.  Other paintings are depicted in warm abstract backgrounds depicting the sun drenched natural regions of South Africa.  Most landscapes are a study without human presence affording the viewer a glimpse of nature’s stillness, whilst others are depicted with humans living in harmony with nature.

I have lived and work in the Lowveld for the last 21 years.  My work has achieved popularity and success and is displayed nationally and internationally.